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COVID-19 Payment Relief

We are offering our help to contact all your service providers at once, and ask for payment relief

Energy providers and home services have designed special policies to provide relief to their customers.*


Gas & Electricity




Council Tax

*UK only, available for free

UK residents are  financially affected by COVID-19, but most aren't receiving payment relief

Less than 10% of surveyed UK residents are receiving payment relief — we can help make the process to apply easier.

How it works


Add your details

Login with Google or create a username, then add your address details.


Choose your services

Select the services you use and would like to contact regarding payment relief.


Open your email provider and send

We'll help start off the conversation with the service provider, and you can continue the conversation if follow-up is needed.

A selection of services providing support

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Building connections and communication standards are at the core of Monadd. As the UK Government imposes new measures for everyone to stay at home, businesses were forced to rethink their budgets and personnel.
We are here to help and provide you with the tools you need to ask for payment relief from your service providers.

Allowing for adjustments

Businesses are still adjusting to this new climate — some service providers may not yet have COVID-19 payment relief policies in place.

If this time around they don't have a payment relief policy to provide you, we encourage you to ask again in the coming weeks.

Additional payment relief resources

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If you're struggling with living costs

Citizens Advice

What to do if you’re struggling to pay your energy bills

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Help with paying your water bills

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much of a payment relief will I be able to get?
It depends. Each service provider is adapting and developing COVID-19 policies. It could be one month off or a discounted plan.

Why do I see an email pop-up in the platform?
Once you open the email pop-up you'll see your selection and message to send. We're making it easy for you to take action.

Why is it free?
We want to help you during financial hardships. This is the time where we most need to help each other, so we are keeping it free.

What happens to my data?
We are good with data :) We only ask for the minimum amount of information necessary, and we apply a Data Ethics Framework across our platform. Your data is not sold or shared, and we don't make profit out of it. It's used to best inform and connect you with service providers. We're here to do things the right way.

I want to partner. How do I contact you?
We would like to hear more, reach us at


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