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Upgrading our

security with Google


Getting our security up to higher standards

We are working with an independent security partner to make our integration with Google even more secure. 

What does that mean?

While we are going through the audit, which will conclude in October 2019, you may experience the following when signing up with Google.

1. You'll see this screen

We know this looks like something is wrong. It's normal, for now. We are adding layers of security that have yet to be verified. We wish the verification process was faster but it takes time. 

2. Take action to use our app

First click Advanced and then Go to (unsafe).

Again, we wish the language was different on this section but this is the default language provided. It's only temporary.

3. You're done and can continue the process

After those steps, you can choose the rights to grant us temporary access to search for the necessary information we need to find your associated accounts.


We never search nor store unnecessary information. We are far too ethical, caring, and aware of all the wrongdoings of misusing information and we are against it. We are here to do things the right way using the minimal information we need. If by any chance you see something unusual coming from Monadd please let us know by emailing here:

Thank you for using Monadd, we hope you enjoy the rest of your journey.