Help a friend move this holiday season

Know of someone moving house this holiday season?

A loved one, a friend, or a family member? Perhaps someone who is inspired to start the new year in a new flat or house. Or maybe you know a person who says is too busy moving house to come celebrate.


Save them time and a headache from having to manage their change of address on their own during this season.

Less worry and more time to spend with loved ones.

Take care of your friends, and we'll take care of you

Refer a friend to use Monadd during the month of December and we'll send you a vegan leather passport wallet by Nomad Lane.

All they have to do is add your email when prompted. We'll contact you and send your gift right away.

Consider this gift our thank you for helping us reduce waste, stress, and time-consuming admin  😉🎁


Terms & Conditions

a. One (1) passport wallet per referrer email.

b. Offer valid for the month of December 2019.

c. Monadd is only available for individuals moving within the United Kingdom. The referrer's location can be anywhere in the world, including locations outside of the United kingdom.

d. Shipping may take 3-15 business days.

e. We don't use your information for anything else. It's not sold or shared with third parties. We will only use it for purposes of communication to get the gift to the appropriate location.

f. You always have the right to erase and request any information we hold about you.

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