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Our Core Values

We are a company in pursuit of positive global impact. Every aspect of our business, from how and who we hire, to the fundamentals of our business models, is underpinned by our core values

Image by Clay Banks



We believe that trust is earned and can easily be lost. Our business is built from the bottom up with user trust in mind, particularly when it comes to the use and security of people's data. We value the security of our users above all other considerations and will always be transparent with users about how we are managing and protecting their personal information.


Data ethics


We are committed to managing the personal information of our users in a responsible and ethical manner, respecting the rights of those users and our responsibilities as managers of that information. We will always identify the benefit to the user of collecting, processing and storing their information as well as the benefit to ourselves. We recognise the people's rights to consent to the uses we make of the information we hold on them. Check out our Data Ethics Principles.


Autonomy and time


We believe that everyone should have the autonomy to decide where and when to move location and have the freedom to do so in the least time-consuming way. We utilise functional simplicity as a design principle for our services and keep our diverse users in mind, enabling people to enjoy their lives without anxiety.




We recognise that the environment is a precious and limited resource. We have aligned our business with Sustainable Development Goal 12 and are committed to ensuring that our services are conducted with a minimum impact upon the environment and that our service actively minimises our users’ impact on the environment. Learn more about our Impact to the Environment.


Societal impact


We believe that enabling mobility is an important element of tackling disadvantage. We understand the structural barriers to achieving greater mobility and contribute our insights to trusted initiatives to maximise our impact.


Diversity and inclusion


We value diverse opinions, views and experiences. We will always seek to draw upon the widest pool of talent in our recruitment. We proactively identify and breakdown barriers that may inhibit the take up of our services among disadvantaged and marginalised groups.

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