Our Mission

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Monadd seeks to improve people's lives by bridging the gap between offline and online admin.


Our mission is to eliminate time-consuming inefficiencies between individuals and their service providers that amount to avoidable stress and prevent waste generation from misdelivered items.

Our Core Values

We are an emerging B Corp company in pursuit of positive global impact. Our business model is driven by our four core values:

  1. Functional Simplicity – We solve a practical problem by using responsible technology. We save time and alleviate stress for all our customers by reducing complex administrative processes into a single step.

  2. Customer Satisfaction & Protection – We are committed to perfecting the user experience, and we take customer requests and feedback into serious consideration. We complete our legal due diligence with third-parties and read the fine print of every document, so no piece of information is shared unnecessarily.

  3. High Standards for Data Ethics – Our data practices are structured using ODI's ethics-based framework. We earn our clients’ trust by protecting their privacy, personal information and we use the least invasive methods to get the minimal amount of information we need. We also undergo security assessments on a regular basis and share the letters with the tests, methodologies and results per request. 

  4. Global and Environmental MindsetI'm going to edit. We embrace diversity in all forms when it comes to our clients and partners, and we rely on unique experiences and perspectives to inform our business practices. We care about the impact we have in the environment and aim to reduce waste created by misdelivered items by 2030. Our position is in alignment with the Global Goal 12 for Sustainable Development.


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