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Get It Done In 5: Your Moving House Checklist

Moving house comes with a laundry list of tasks and it can be hard to work out what to prioritise. It's hard to know how to move out without the hassle so to help organise your move here are the five most important tasks to complete to help you get settled in.

1. Update your address


Changing your address is essential for an organised move. When you update your address details, you avoid missing important letters. Moving out council tax, for example, helps prevent hefty late fees for bills you didn’t receive. It also comes with the added security of keeping your personal information in your own hands.

2. Collect all the keys

Opening the front door to your new place is exhilarating until one week later you find you don’t have the key to the garden gate. Take the time to properly inspect your new place so you know exactly what keys you need to have. It’s also worth considering changing the locks in case someone other than the previous owner has a copy of the keys.

3. Check the broadband in your new area

Slow internet is frustrating. No internet is unforgivable. Moving your broadband may seem like the easiest option but it can soon become a nightmare if your provider has poor coverage at your new address. Finding out the best broadband provider for your area is easy so you have no need to fear disconnecting video calls or buffering videos. Just make sure to arrange your set up for your move-in day to avoid twiddling your thumbs.

4. Record your meter readings

Remember to record the meter readings of your new and old place and let your energy provider know. This will stop you from getting hit with a hefty bill for the energy you’ve not used. It also makes it easier for you to change suppliers as you won’t have to worry about surprise energy debts.

5. Get insurance cover

There are plenty of ways to keep your home safe but it’s important to have all your bases covered. Getting building and contents insurance that starts once you’ve collected your keys ensures that your new start won’t come with bad news. If you’re transferring over a policy, look over the terms to make sure they cover a house move.

Moving house takes a lot of organisation but with this simple checklist, changing address will be easier.

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