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8 Things to Consider When Moving House During the Pandemic

The pandemic pressed pause on 450,000 housing transactions and with the housing market reopening, many people are finding themselves ready to move. Easing restrictions means you can move but you still need to exercise caution. Here’s how you can stay safe whilst changing address.

1. Video is King

Estate agents are now well-accustomed to showing houses virtually. Thanks to modern technology you can limit your need to travel across town or brave public transport when house shopping. Request video viewings where possible, until you feel comfortable with a property.

2. Visiting a Property

When you’re seriously considering making an offer, video won’t quite cut it. Give at least 48 hours notice so the current occupants can ventilate the house before you view. They might even arrange to get out for a little while.

3. Do the Legal Leg Work

No matter how ready you are for a change of scenery, you should make sure everything is on the up-and-up. You should feel 100% confident the contracts you sign meet all legal guidelines so don’t rush. If you feel uncertain, have a look at the government guidance.

4. Move Your Mail Too

Letting your council and energy providers know you're moving home and changing address will prevent unnecessary bills. It also means your letters won’t pile up on your old doorstep, destined to collect dust. Updating your address in advance ensures you’re not stranded without the internet when trying to work from home.

5. Organise, Don’t Agonise

You should ideally give your removal company more than two weeks notice. Providing pictures and videos of your belongings help give the company a full picture of your needs. You should also consider the size of your removal team. More workers may work out cheaper if they get the job done in half the time and allows you to gain time back.

6. Whip Out the Wipes

It’s not ideal to use repurposed cardboard boxes as the virus lingers on surfaces. If you’re trying to stay green, invest in reusable boxes as they’re easy to clean with antibacterial wipes and store. Remember to clean your things once they’re placed in your new home too!

7. Cover Up

Rubber gloves and face masks are your new best friends. If you don’t have a mask, you can make one from a t-shirt or bandana. It might get a little sweaty but it’s in your interest to take precautions. It’s not just your household that needs protecting so look out for those helping you move home.

8. Wash Your Hands

This one’s pretty simple. Try to provide soap and clean towels in your new and old place so everyone can wash up as needed. You should also head to the sink after being in contact with high-touch surfaces like light switches or door handles.

Now you know the things to do when moving house during this strange time, why don't you share your moving stories with us on Twitter?


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