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How to Maintain a Green Future Post-Pandemic

It's easy to forget the bigger picture when life has transformed in just over a month. Many of us are working from home and queues to get into your local supermarket are common. These changes are restricting and also the new normal. Yet a ray of hope is emerging from under this cloud of uncertainty. The global community has a chance to move towards a more sustainable future. Without going into lock down.

Swans in Venice or not, the positive impact of slowing life down on the environment is clear. Quarantine measures have led to a significant increase in air quality in Europe. Air pollution is the leading environmental health threat in the UK, so better air quality means better lung health. The planet's continued well-being is good for our health and the 50% decrease in carbon monoxide emissions seems like a good place to start.

Yet, the truth is that the silver linings are short term and have come with too high a cost. A meaningful impact on a global scale needs a constant reduction in waste and pollution. Fortunately, you can make a global difference in quarantine and beyond.

If you want to be more eco-friendly whilst in quarantine here are some things to consider:

  • Switch off the lights and plug sockets when you're not using them. The lockdown has increased demand on the technology in your home and this will help you consumer energy smartly that keeps the bills steady.

  • Opt for recycled paper options. This helps preserve forests, saves energy and reduces greenhouse emissions, thus next time you go for toilet paper consider the recycled option.

  • Switch off the tap when washing hands or showering. You'll be conserving water when washing your hands and keeping your water bill at a lower cost.

The worst of the pandemic will soon pass and there are ways to continue to offset damage to the earth. Buying local, seasonal produce supports local businesses and reduces your carbon footprint. When you visit a National or Woodland Trust site you support their conservation missions. And, when you walk outside next take a breath of fresh air, you'll notice the difference. Looking out for the environment and supporting your community are one and the same.

Have more ideas on how to preserve the environment? Share them at @monaddapp. We will RT and share them with the Monadd community in our April newsletter.


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