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Moving In With Friends: Cohabitation Without Conflict

Moving in with your friend can be a dream come true. Or a nightmare. Cohabitation isn’t always movie nights or shared meals - it can put your friendship to the test. In the end, living with friends comes down to what makes any relationship successful: communication.

Set the ground rules

Establishing rules is the foundation of any good shared living arrangement. That doesn't mean you have to draw a line down the sofa. Assuming your friend knows your preferences is how you’ll find yourself resentfully hoovering in six months’ time. By divvying up the chores and taking your friends’ wishes into consideration, you’ll ease the process.

Having a conversation about food arrangements or who replaces the toilet paper helps set expectations. This makes it easier to address issues if they arise and stops either of you from moving out a couple months down the line.

Talk about money

In an ideal world, you would both be fiscally responsible (and exercise three times a week like you said you’d do in January). However, reality does not always match up. Talking about money can be pretty awkward but you can’t avoid it. Having this conversation before signing a contract is the best way to secure both of your financial futures.

You don’t need to review bank statements to know you need to find a place that is within both your budgets. You're both responsible for paying the bills and buying shared household items like cleaning supplies. This means you both need to be able to afford it.

Celebrate your differences

Living with your friend is a big step, even if you’re close. It’s important to remember that sharing a living space isn’t the same as spending plenty of time together. From pet peeves to sleeping habits, you’ll learn lots of new things about each other. Moving in together is the perfect opportunity to strengthen your friendship and build your bond.

The only way to have a friend is to be one and moving in with one of your favourite people is a privilege, even if it is hard work.

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