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Moving To Germany Made Easy For Expats: Introducing Ocyan

Relocating to a new country for working, studying or reuniting with the family can widen your career prospects and introduce you to exciting life experiences. As soon as you try to settle down in your expat life, you will have to deal with new expenses and, at the same time, access local financial resources. Here at Monadd, we have partnered up with Ocyan: They are a startup company that extends seamless support to expats who move to Germany through their relocation journey. Here are some reasons why we are collaborating with Ocyan:

What is the evolution story of Ocyan?

Ocyan, is the brainchild of Gabriele Cacciola, the co-founder and the CTO of the start-up along with Evangelos Pappas, co-founder and CEO. The story of Ocyan’s evolution traces its roots to 2015. It was when Gabriele Cacciola relocated from Italy to the UK to work in London. But the excitement of starting life in one of the top cities in the world was short-lived.

The reason was that he had to struggle to access several necessities. Traditional banks were the only banking option available for expats. It proved to be a hassle to open a deposit account. Furthermore, he faced difficulty in renting new accommodation as it required a deposit of six months’ rent. This pile, in addition to the costs of relocation can challenge anyone’s cash capabilities. Besides, getting a credit card or even a local mobile contract proved to be no easy task either.

The early start...

That is when Gabriele met Evan - an expatriate coming from Greece and working in London, who was facing the same difficulties. They started thinking about resolving such issues related to expats’ finance. After a lot of brain-storming, Ocyan was launched as a financial marketplace for expats. The startup began by offering its services to expats moving from the UK to Germany.

Ocyan launched its web app in the Summer 2020. Its services are already serving more than 400 users who relocate from different countries to Germany.

What Makes Ocyan Stand Apart From Its Competitors?

Ocyan is a comprehensive bouquet of financial services offered through the web app.The start-up helps you relocate without compromising on your financial freedom or standard of living.

Ocyan’s USP is that it enables you to receive financial services and offers from local businesses based on your credit profile in your home country. Users take advantage of financial technology to manage their currency. Ocyan lets you carry forward your monetary history with you. It helps you build a clear financial credibility for future lending, for instance. This means your financial position is clear to the lenders from day one and they know if you can be trusted as a customer.

What Are the Main Services That Ocyan Offers?

Ocyan offers its main services across a wide area in the financial system in Germany. Users can subscribe for free and meet a varied gamut of products that includes options for:

...and much more. If you browse the Ocyan website you can also find useful info about renting in Germany and moving to Germany.

How does it work?

Using Ocyan is simple. The first step is to sign up for free on Ocyan. All you need is your laptop or mobile phone and an email ID. Once you sign up, you can explore the specific services offered by this financial marketplace, depending on your requirements with just a few clicks. So, get ready to relocate with confidence.

What Are the advantages of Customers Using Ocyan?

Ocyan offers several advantages to the customers using its services:

  • The start-up takes away the stress of dealing with financial fragility by offering a wide umbrella of services related to the financial ecosystem in one click.

  • Users can benefit from Ocyan because it is a technology based service that saves their time.

  • You can avail of these services before your relocation to Germany. One of the greatest advantages is that you can plan your journey in advance from the comfort of your home. This way you can settle abroad before you move and feel like a local from day one.

  • In case you have already moved, you can also benefit from these services in the next 9-12 months after your move. You can always depend on Ocyan to come to your rescue.

  • Ocyan helps expats who relocate to Germany to serve such services from local providers by managing their data clearly and transparently.

What does the future look like for Ocyan?

Ocyan was founded with the vision of a future where the access of data is more ubiquitous, free, fair and interesting rather than one where it is not. Today, Ocyan is unlocking the power of secure and resilient data connections to enable cross-border financial inclusion.

We live in a period where life isn't “expat-friendly” due to the restrictions of COVID-19. However, Ocyan is positive that in the future ,the brand will serve thousands of expatriates.They have confirmed that they have a variant of project for the future. One of the projects is that Ocyan will soon be offering it's relocating services to other European countries. They have also structured the process of moving abroad and broken it into four steps to give expats the best user experience, which will be displayed on the website soon.

Ocyan Newsletter

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