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Productivity tips, moving advice, company updates and everything you need to know to manage your admin with ease.

The only constant is change

For the past couple of months, we've been busy developing Monadd, and for the longest time, we wanted to share our journey. Here is the place where we will share news and updates from the Monadd team.


Change sign

We are constantly adapting and changing our product. This year we spoke with 5 UX designers, 2 legal groups, 2 security companies, 6 business advisors, a handful of potential partners, and all of our beta users. We attended a handful of webinars and workshops on setting up a company, IP and legal requirements, data ethics, and fundraising. It all leads up to today where we are proud to say Monadd is working and anyone can use it.

Out of the roadblocks we have encountered, there is one that our users will experience, and that's because we are currently adding extra layers of security to our integration with Google. We are looking forward to having everything approved soon, yet the verification process takes time. That's why we made a dedicated page for what to expect.

We have an immense amount of dedication to making admin management that makes sense. And we are hiring the right people to help us develop a service that is smartly designed, has safe and sound in infrastructure, and is simple to understand.

We also care about the impact our business may have in the world at large too. We are taking an intensive course on getting our B Corp certification, starting this month, to help us create an ethical business that can make a good impact in every business facet. If we're completely honest, we believe every business needs to care about the world and not just about making money. We care about serving people and the world we live in. We want for people to be able to move freely and change address without much of a hassle because exploring and moving to new places expands perspectives and sets a fresh start into a new chapter of life. Moving home is exciting! We're aiming to facilitate it and eliminate those frustrations that come with managing the ever-growing digital footprint. For us, moving is the starting point to much more we have planned for in our roadmap.

At this early stage, we are changing features every week. We change copy, colours, buttons, and adapting our infrastructure to be cleaner, easier to manage and make changes that you don't see but give us a sturdier ground to stand on.

We are making our service better thanks to all of the people who helped us in this journey, and it does not stop here, it only continues. Thank you for being a supporter, and we aim to keep on serving you as we adapt to change.

The Monadd Team

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