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33 Foley Street


London, UK


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ICO number ZA516677

Notify or cancel your utility providers, local council, gym, subscription services and more in less than 5 minutes.
Available in the UK.

Update your home address across your accounts

How it works

Register with your email address and let us do the rest. Avoid the hassle of adding account details multiple times in different places.
We keep it simple.

You sign up

Sign up with your email or Google account

We work

We identify the accounts that use your postal address

We update

We notify your chosen accounts of your new address

Admin that finally makes sense

Our Story

We are people who move - a lot. We learned to solve a practical problem based on our experiences. We help you update your postal address to your accounts without the hassle.

Learn more about us.

Positive Benefits

We believe tech empowers individuals to gain control over their time. We reduce the long process of updating your accounts and services to a few clicks.


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Responsible Technology

We love encryption, sound structures, and are General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR) compliant. You are always in control of your information.


Learn more about our ethics and commitment.

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are saying about Monadd

Romy Raad

" I needed this 6 months ago. It's been so difficult to update each account and I only moved to the next neighbourhood over."

Brad L.

" This is a life-saver. A couple years ago I incurred so many fees from my student loan company because I didn't update my address in the past."

Ruslan Zaharov
Metarux Solutions

" Some time ago I moved quite often within London and that means all services have to be updated with the new address.

I'd love to have a service where I am able to update most of the services I use at once."

Begin changing your address, hassle-free