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Get full visibility of your residential footprint, all the services linked to your address in one place. Update your address and cancel as needed, and streamline  admin. With 5000+ service providers acting on every request, managing your services has never been easier!
Identify service providers from your inbox
Keep track of your activity
Update your address and cancel services
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Select all the service providers you need to notify or link your email to discover more service providers. Whichever method you choose, you are always in control.

Instantly share your request with over 5000 service providers. For those not yet connected to Monadd, we give you the details you need to communicate with them with one click.
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Transparent and affordable.
$15+ Try for free
Discover services linked to your household
Add services manually
Use ready-made templates to update address and cancel services
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Sed sed risus pretium quam vulputate.
Upto 1000 users
Customizable dashboard
Email support
Upto 1 GB storage
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Sed sed risus pretium quam vulputate.
Unlimited users
Customizable dashboard
Email and chat support
Unlimited storage
Self-service customer portal
Customisable ticket layouts
Multilingual support and content
Live agent activity dashboard
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Do good by taking action

Our commitment to making an impact


Building products and an ecosystem that generate equitable and inclusive practices for everyone involved.


Reducing carbon footprint from logistical operations, as incorrect addresses cause millions of tons of paper waste annually.


Operating with B Corp principles to ensure our impact on the environment and society is transparent and measured.
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What people like you are saying about Monadd

Amazing! Monadd is a super cool product that has useful features which helps everyone when they move. Monadd overcomes the difficulty in updating each account when they move to a new place. It saves lot of time and in-turn the money.
Nitin R.
Reviewed via ProductHunt
I just used Monadd to update my address on 5 accounts in 9 minutes. Give it a try and save yourself a headache.
Taylor F.
Reviewed via X
It worked like a charm then. I need to change my address yet again next month and I'll be coming straight back to Monadd to see how much further the systems have come.
Kenneth K.
Reviewed via ProductHunt
I just moved my accounts to my new address with Monadd. Give it a try.
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Businesses wow your movers and residents

Whether you are a sophisticated residential platform that wants to wow residents when they move in. A global mobility company looking to increase efficiency by automating address changes. Or an insurance and value provider looking to provide a service that renters need and prevents them from leaving their mail and packages at an old address. We delight thousands of residents, make yours get the value they need at home.
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Privacy-first business built with ethics at the core

Monadd is audited and certified by industry-leading privacy and security standards. And we go beyond the standards:
Ad-free: No need to worry about getting ads. Your data is not sold.
Built for stakeholders, not shareholders: We make a positive impact on society and the environment and align with businesses that take impact seriously.

Ready to be in control?

Built by expats, nomads, home owners and renters for people who want visibility and freedom over theirhome bills and services.
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