Address Changes, Sorted.

Update your address and cancel services across your accounts wherever you go. We make admin painless, private for you to manage, and free up time for you to focus on what excites you.

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How it works

Avoid the hassle of updating account details multiple times in different places.

Verify: Verify your identity with Yoti, EasyID, Google or with us to validate and secure your details

Using Google allows our AI technology
finds all your services linked to your home address.

Choose: With one click; cancel, update, or do nothing.

Relax: View the status of each change as it happens.
Sit back and relax.

View and manage all the records linked to your home address

Get the visibility you need to manage your services wherever you go.


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Our services are built to create a seamless admin experience from beginning to end.

Integrate us into your flows and keep up your engagement wherever your users go.


Supporting thousands of moves across the U.K.

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Avoid missed bills

Keep your records secure

Reduce your carbon footprint

Working with:

Based on aggregated moves from Monadd users.
Servicing 67 cities and counting.

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Ethical Principles

Privacy-first service, reducing environmental paper waste and empowering you to be in control of your data.


Ad-free: No need to worry about getting ads. Your data is not sold.

Security-audited: Our technology is audited by an independent cybersecurity evaluator every year

Keeping it minimal: No unnecessary questions asked; we keep all processes and collection minimal

Built for stakeholders, not shareholders: Our legal basis is to impact society and the environment positively

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