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Freedom to move your services wherever you go

Discover the services associated with your address and request changes to any that you want to keep or cancel. Join thousands of people managing their services every month across 563+ towns and cities.

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How it works

Avoid the hassle of updating account details multiple times in different places.

Verify: Verify your identity.

Discover: For Gmail users, our AI technology finds all your services linked to your email and address.

Choose: With one click; cancel, update, or do nothing.


Connect: Monadd connects directly with service providers or provides you with everything you need to connect with them with a click.

Relax: View the status of each change as it happens. Sit back and relax.

View and manage all the records linked to your home address

Link your email to get a complete picture of all the services using your address data.

Discover the companies holding your residential information

Select all the service providers you need to notify or link your email to discover more service providers. Whichever method you choose, you are always in control.


Instantly share your request with over 1000 service providers. For those not yet connected to Monadd, we give you the details you need to communicate with them with a click.

Never miss a bill or be subjected to ID theft due to an address change again.

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Transparent and affordable.

USD/GBP per move

Full control in your hands.

  • Discover services linked to your household

  • Add services manually

  • Use ready-made templates to update address and cancel services

  • Monitor changes as they happen

Coming soon

5 mo.

Peace of mind

  • Monitor service changes

  • Set alerts for contract expirations

  • Set alerts for contract price increase

  • Add multiple households and manage associated services

  • Send requests as needed

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Ethics and security at the core

Privacy-first, we don't see it any other way.


Ad-free: No need to worry about getting ads. Your data is not sold.

Security-audited: Our technology is audited by an independent cybersecurity evaluator every year. Read about our security practices.

Keeping it minimal: No unnecessary questions asked; we keep all processes and collection minimal.

Built for stakeholders, not shareholders: We make a positive impact on society and the environment and align with businesses that take impact seriously.

Remote working and moving places?

Monadd is for you. Built by nomads, parents, students, multiple household owners and professionals who want freedom while they move.

Have a business and want more ease for your employees' relocation?
Recommend a business that would benefit from Monadd
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