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Property technology companies and relocation agencies choose Monadd to provide a memorable experience for new tenants and home owners.
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Address change platform
Transacting fast requests
Enhancing the resident experience

Reduce costs and free up manual operations

Automate address changes

With our API you can automate essential address changes directly from your platform or CRM. Using a real estate or property management CRM? Make a suggestion for an integration.

Save time and money

Employing personnel to help with manual tasks is a huge operational cost to businesses. Save time and money by providing a solution that helps individuals take responsibility for the services linked to their household.

Reduce paper waste

Property managers know how much paper waste is left behind after each move. Contribute to the environmental goals of your firm and save time in trying to reach to each tenant who has left mail pieces behind.

Affiliate partners

Earn a commission when you provide Monadd to your residents or movers.​Give them the value they are looking for with a fully digitized experience, on both web and mobile,  for them to manage all the bills and services linked to their unit. ​Register in the link below and start earning right away.
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How Monadd works with proptechs

Move-in value
Integrate Monadd seamlessly into your resident apps and portals, providing a smooth and efficient experience for your residents. Enhance your app's functionality and delight residents with a unique feature they'll come back to.
Add-on Feature
Enhance your existing products with Monadd's add-on feature. Provide your customers with an additional value proposition and increase the functionality of your products.
Relocation must-have
Simplify the process for individuals and families moving to new locations by offering them a comprehensive and user-friendly platform.
Resident benefit-package
Residents can enjoy the convenience of managing their services whether they are moving or staying at the same residence.

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