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Data Ethics Principles

We are committed to managing the personal information of our users in a responsible and ethical manner, respecting the rights of those users and our responsibilities as controllers of that personal information. We do not own the personal information of our users, we hold it in trust.


To that end:

  1. We will only collect the personal information we need from our users to provide an effective service;

  2. In collecting the minimum of information, we will be clear as to what information we are collecting and why we are collecting it;

  3. We will always respect the right of our users to consent to the uses we make of the personal information we hold on them;

  4. We will respect all requests from users to permanently delete their personal information if they no longer wish to use our services (sometimes known as “the right to erasure”);

  5. We will store users’ information under the highest security standards, utilising privacy-enhancing technology and strong encryption, and our security will be subject to continual review – a summary of which will be made available to our users;

  6. We will ensure that all personal information held by us will be managed carefully with ultimate responsibility vested in the senior management and in compliance with the highest legal and ethical standards;

  7. We will not use data processing techniques that are intrusive, and which may pose a risk to the rights and freedoms of the users or which are open to misuse;

  8. We will establish robust internal process to assess ethical compliance with our policies, to manage risk to our ethical approach and encourage a process of internal challenge;

  9. We will only share personal information with third parties who require it to fulfil the service to our users and such information will be kept to the absolute minimum necessary to fulfil the terms of that service;

  10. We will be fully transparent about all aspects of our management of personal information, including internal policies and external third party agreements;

  11. We will regularly have our approach to ethics and the rights of our users independently audited and will be transparent about the results of such audits;

  12. We recognize there are specific categories of personal data that are sensitive, for example racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, or trade union membership. Such data will only be collected if there is a clear benefit to the user, if their prior consent is obtained and that the security of that data can be guaranteed.


Making a difference 

We are engaged in the improvement of data ethics in industry.


Learn more about our contribution to the Open Data Institute research on data ethics tools.


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