Capture council tax revenue when it happens

Instantly capture the details of incoming residents to your council, and appropriately capture revenue from verified details.Currently available in the UK.
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Helping more than 265 local UK authorities capture revenue

At the point of move-in and move-out out Monadd connects with more than 265 local councils across the UK. Helping residents start the relationship with their local council and continue it for the duration of their stay.‚ÄčEach information point is verified and confirmed by the resident before it reaches the revenue departments at the local councils. That way councils can connect with residents right away.

Speed up simple requests

Don't miss updates

Mantain accurate and verified information from your audience as soon as it is sent. Help your processes flow with ease with instant connections from Monadd.

Save time and money

Employing personnel to help with simple requests is a huge operational cost to businesses. Save time and money by getting the information your audience requests straight to your CRM or platform.


Every user request is validated and ID verified by the Monadd team, so you can rest at ease that you have high accuracy for information processing. As a data processor we stand by the choices users make in getting the information straight to you and no one else.

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