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For the productive-minded and for the ones who put everything off until the last minute. Save a headache by updating and cancelling services wherever you go.
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Automate address changes

Change your address, cancel services, or simply discover everything that is connected to your address. Save yourself the time from manual admin and long-waiting lines on the phone or chatbot. Start updating your records with Monadd.

Reduce paper waste

How many times have you arrived at a new apartment to find piles of mail from the last person who lived there? Don't let this happen, with Monadd you help prevent ID theft and eliminate the carbon footprint of all supply chain parties involved in every delivery.

End-to-end protection

Encryption and secure infrastructure is at the heart of Monadd. Every year we meet the highest standards as audited by a cybersecurity firm. With Monadd you are always in control of your details, so you can remove them or add new ones anytime. Read more about our security standards.

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