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Improving peoples' lives 

by bridging the gap between online and offline


We believe tech empowers individuals to gain control over their time. That's why we've built Monadd with you at the centre.

Moving home is often made stressful by the amount of admin involved. With numerous accounts under our name, we are forced to endure the struggle of updating all of our individual service providers about our address change.

Notifying your accounts about your change of address should not add to your move stress. We've been there, and it's a pain. We created Monadd to facilitate how you interact with your accounts and make admin easier.

Your rights and data are fully protected. You are always in control to choose which of your accounts you want to update about your move.

We enjoy spending time offline instead of time-consuming admin. You're also helping to save the planet by preventing paper and other materials from being shipped to the wrong place. We connect your growing digital footprint to your offline life so you can go about your journey without admin frustrations.

We are humans using tech for good, aiming to set new standards in

human mobility.

Administrative support that is simple, efficient and focused on you.

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