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Change of Address

Power back in your hands

Update, cancel and manage your services at once.

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Companies that care about their users trust Monadd to keep them informed:

You are 1 out of 7 million people in the UK who change address every year.

Don't sweat the admin, we're here to help.

Discover which accounts are associated with your household*

*Only available for Google sign ups

Choose which accounts to update or cancel

Monitor the changes as they happen


Benefits + Peace of mind


Respectful and secure data practices

No-nonsense trackers, no need to remember logins, no unnecessary data-sharing. You choose who to share details to.

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Avoid fees, missed bills and an unhealthy credit score

Credit agencies, lenders, councils and financial companies like current addresses. We like current addresses. We go together like fish & chips.

Don't leave your records behind

Get your mail and subscription services to the right place. That way the next tenant or owner of your last home does not get your deliveries.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Save the environmental waste that goes into delivering mail and packages too. Feel good by doing good.

Save time and stress

Don’t waste time with call centres. Enjoy the new neighbourhood. Monadd surfaces tips of what you can find in your new community.

What you can update

" A beautifully simple and valuable solution."


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my information?
We are good with data :) We only ask for the minimum amount of information necessary, and we apply a Data Ethics Framework across our platform. Your data stays private and encrypted every step of the way. We're here to do things the right way. Find out what we do with your data and our Data Ethics Principles.

I want to partner. How do I contact you?
We would like to hear more, reach us at


Ready to get in control of your admin?

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