Transparent + Affordable

Flexible pricing that works for everyone.

Select from 1000+ service providers
Notify services of address change
Cancel services
Link multiple emails
At a glance view of admin changes
Share address details with family and friends
Add additional households
Access perks
Update admin and address details anytime

Coming soon


Pay per move

No-nonsense trackers, no ads, no need to remember logins, no unnecessary data-sharing, no third-party data-selling.

Freedom to move without the admin-hassle

Discover which accounts are associated with your household*
*Only available for Google sign ups

Choose which accounts to update or cancel

Monitor the changes as they happen


Join a group of life-changers already taking control over their subscriptions and services

COVID-19 support

Financially affected by COVID-19 and want to use the service?

Chat with us. We can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why it isn't free?

We are a growing startup, aiming to do things the right way, and need your support to keep your information protected without the need for advertising or third-party providers.

What happens to my data?
All data is encrypted, we don't store it unless necessary, and we apply a Data Ethics Framework across our platform. Your data is not sold or shared, and we don't make profit out of it. It's used to best inform and connect you with service providers. Read about our Data Ethics Principles and Security.

I'm a landlord or property manager and want this for my tenants. How do I contact you?
We would like to hear more, reach us at