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Empowering UK residents with COVID-19 Payment Relief

A letter from the founder:

About a month ago I started reviewing my budget. The rapid growth of the pandemic meant I had to do adjustments not only for the business but also for my personal finances.

I started writing emails to my service providers to see if there would be something they could do during this time period. To my surprise most of them did. Particularly the utility companies. I also learned I could ask for a reduction in my Council Tax bill. In knowing that Monadd already connects with more than 1,000 verified service providers across the United Kingdom, I realised we could help thousands, if not millions, from defaulting payments and experiencing financial hardship during this difficult time by offering admin support.

We immediately started working on building what we're proud to launch today. Now anyone in the UK can contact their household providers (energy, gas, water, even council tax) via Monadd's admin tool and ask for payment relief. It's completely free. It requires the minimum amount of information for us to identify essential service providers. And, it allows you to take action and ask. As always we abide to a strong ethical data policy in not sharing, selling, or storing any data unnecessarily. You are always in control with Monadd. Please take a look at the video below to learn how we can best support you:

Jessica Mendoza Founder & CEO Monadd

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