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Fostering Innovation and Diversity Through University Collaborations

How Monadd innovates and empowers students to put their skills to the test

students walking through campus

At Monadd, we believe in the power of collaboration and diversity to drive innovation and business success. Our partnerships with universities and student programs have been a cornerstone of our approach to user experience (UX) improvements, market research, project management, and the enrichment of our marketing and SEO strategies. This synergy has not only contributed to the growth of our business but has also provided invaluable experiences for the students involved.

University Collaborations for UX Enhancements

Monadd has tapped into the fresh perspectives and research that students bring to the table. These academic partnerships allowed us to refine our UX design, ensuring that our services are not only functional but also intuitive and user-friendly. On one of our last projects, we worked with Goldsmiths, University of London to engage their Masters of User Experience Engineering in helping us introduce new features and ideas into the Monadd platform. We segmented the project in three core functionality elements: accessibility, ethics and privacy positioning, and environmental calculator design. Three students conducted user research, analyzed the user flow, and proposed their solutions: accessibility, privacy positioning, and carbon footprint calculator. This project helped us visualize and plan the release of new features, and allowed us to see the possibilities of how we can extend the current UI.

Market Research and Business Impact

Market research is vital for understanding consumer needs and shaping the direction of our products. Through our collaboration with University of Sheffield students we were able to work with students in two disciplines, marketing and market research. In the case for market research, the business was at the beginning stages of exploring a new product opportunity in a new market, and detailed-focused students conducted thorough market analyses, providing insights that are crucial for our strategic planning. Their findings helped Monadd identify new opportunities and trends, proving that students are not just learners but also contributors who can make a real impact on business outcomes.

Developing New Data Systems

professor talking to two students

Universities are not only hubs of fresh talent, they also can foster collaborations with other industries and aid in the development of new technology systems. In the case of our collaboration with London South Bank University, we worked with the Professor Phillip Burrell, Professor of Intelligent Systems in the Dept. of Computer Science, School of Engineering, to device infrastructure that helps the business operate securely with local government offices for the purposes of safe and protected data transfer. In the process, we identified opportunities for local government to repurpose and enrich the data. Additionally, we gained insights into the challenges that new organizations face when trying to collaborate with local governments.

Volunteer and Intern Contributions

The enthusiasm and expertise of our volunteers and interns have been instrumental in bolstering our marketing and SEO efforts. These bright individuals have brought a range of skills and fresh ideas to the table, from content creation to data analysis. Volunteers and interns from Matchable and WeMakeChange provided contributions that have not only supported our business objectives but have also allowed them to build a robust portfolio of work, showcasing their hands-on experience in a competitive field. Some volunteers and interns have shown exceptional talent and have extended their time with the business by becoming contractors.

Embracing Diversity

Monadd founder working with interns over video camera
Monadd founder working with interns

At Monadd we proudly welcome individuals from multiple nationalities. To date we have worked with students and volunteers from Pakistan, Nigeria, China, U.K., Greece, Argentina, Spain, Brazil, U.S., and Germany. This diversity is not just a testament to our inclusive culture but also a strategic advantage. The varied perspectives and experiences of our team members enrich our brainstorming sessions, leading to more creative solutions and a broader understanding of cultural nuances.

The Future of Our Collaborations

As we look to the future, Monadd is committed to deepening our university partnerships and continuing to offer opportunities for students and volunteers. We recognize the mutual benefits of these collaborations: they help us stay at the forefront of innovation while providing real-world experience to the next generation of professionals. Together, we are not just building better products and services; we are shaping the future of the business and industry.

The symbiotic relationship between Monadd and the academic community has been a driving force behind our UX improvements, market research, and marketing strategies. We are excited to see where these partnerships will take us next and how they will continue to shape the landscape of our business. Monadd remains dedicated to being a place where ideas flourish and diversity is celebrated.


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