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The World (Wide Web) is Your Oyster: Free Resources to Liven Up Your Self-Isolation

Numerous institutions are opening their virtual doors to the public for you to make your home feel a little bit bigger. To ensure your tedium is temporary here are some of the resources you can access (for free!) to fill your days with some excitement and help you handle the next few weeks in isolation.

Go to the theatre

If you’re hoping for a show, the internet comes bearing gifts. Sadler’s Wells has lit up their Digital Stage for the time being, providing live streams for free. The National Theatre has also stepped up to deliver their world class performances to your screens from 2nd April. If the opera is more your speed, the Met is also streaming some of their performances for free and yes, they’re available to watch in the UK. Just order a takeaway and you’ll have dinner and a show.

For live streams with Sadler’s Wells Digital Stage, click here

For performances from the National Theatre, click here

For opera from the Metropolitan Opera, click here

Visit an exhibition

Culture is really coming through for the art lovers and history buffs stuck at home. From the British Museum in London, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Uffizi Gallery in Florence; some of the world’s greatest institutions have gone virtual so you can explore their collections. With offerings from São Paulo, Barcelona and Paris, you can become a globetrotting art connoisseur in the comfort of your home.

For virtual gallery and museum tours, click your favourite institution:

Learn something new

It’s always great to learn something new and this government-enforced holiday is as good as time as any to get started. If you want to get to grips with a specific topic, try building a website or complete a course with a prestigious university, the

opportunities are endless.

To learn to code with the Free Code Camp, click here

To complete a module with the Open University, click here

To try a course at a prestigious university with edX, click here

Keep the kids busy

Having the kids at home can feel like an extended summer holiday - with none of the summer fun. Thankfully, if you need help explaining the current situation to the little ones, want them to pick up some language skills or just want to keep them occupied with a good story, you’ll find the resources to be comprehensive.

To get help explaining the COVID-19 pandemic to your kids, click here

To find language lessons for the children with Busuu, click here

For free kids audio books with Audible, click here

Work up a sweat

All the time spent indoors has probably already led to many trips to the kitchen. Too many trips to the kitchen so it’s time to get active, even if the gyms have closed. Thanks to the wonders of social media, many great gyms and personal trainers have taken to live-streaming their workouts so you can join in at home. Whether you enjoy boxing, yoga, fitness or HIIT - you’ll find something that suits you best. So you’ll have to find a new excuse to miss your fitness session.

For boxing classes with BXR, click here

To perfect your downward dog with Digme Fitness, click here

To build fitness with FLY LDN, click here

For strength-building and HIIT training with CIRQ, click here

Help out your community

With stricter lockdown measures, it might feel like there’s nothing you can do to support the more vulnerable members of your community. Fortunately, there is still room for altruism with Age UK calling for donations to support the elderly and great apps like Nextdoor helping put you in contact with the people in your neighbourhood who most need your support. There’s never been a better time for us to band together as a community.

To donate to Age UK, click here

To support members in your local with Nextdoor, click here

Organise your admin

Having fun is necessary during these uncertain times but keeping on top of your life admin duties is essential. Take the time to get your life in order by ensuring all your providers are up to date with your current address. Make sure you keep your information relevant whilst staying abreast of what the government and your service providers are doing to make life easier for you.

To stay up-to-date with the COVID-19 news with the daily brief, click here

Take the first step to livening up your lockdown.

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