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Settling in: Making your rented house a home

Your tenancy agreement might seem like the worst enemy to your new room awaiting a makeover but there are plenty of ways to introduce personality into your home without risking your deposit.

Use Fabrics

It sounds cliche but throwing in some comfy cushions and extra blankets on your sofa can make your living room more cosy. It’s the quickest way to make your new place feel like home and add some fresh colours without a streak of a paintbrush. Changing or (most probably) bringing in some curtains can brighten up a dull room, and you can easily swap them back when you move out. 

Let There Be Light

Your bedroom might not get that dose of sunlight without a change of address but you can still dazzle it with your collection of LED light displays. By adding in a lampshade, fairy lights or (our personal favourite) a lava lamp, you can recreate the feel of a room without breaking the bank. Plus, you’ll be able to pack them up and take them to your new place without a hassle.

Go Green

Houseplants are proven to improve your mood, reduce stress and increase productivity. A study found that patients with plants experienced less anxiety, pain and fatigue. Aesthetically pleasing for your room, and your health. It’s a simple (and cheap) decision.

Transfer Your Address

Updating your address admin may not be your best idea of fun. Even so, this is the perfect time to get all your ducks in a row. Sort out your administrative tasks (or even better, let someone else sort it out for you). Getting your address linked to your digital footprint is a great way to make your new place a ‘home’.

Treat Yourself

Buying things for your rented place may feel like a hassle but you deserve to feel at home wherever you lay your head. Spending a little extra on rugs or decorative vases is the same as investing in your environment as well as in your well-being. Don’t forget, whatever you buy can move with you until you reach your ‘forever home’

Start getting creative with your new home and look forward to getting your deposit back.


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